Some attributes
First Unknown
Second Version
Third 10 Hp
Other attributes
Fourth Melee
Fifth 0 Heart
A Bunny is a small cute mob that spawns in Dravite Hills, making cute meowing sounds. Due to its very low health they are easily killed, however upon death a hostile,  Angry Bunny will spawn. Since they technically die twice, they drop Dravite Souls and Raw Empowered Meat two times. Once tamed, by using Dravite Sparkles on them, they become Sparkling Bunnies however, bunnies will not always take the Dravite Sparkles at first.  A Sparkling Bunny will follow you around and once engaged in combat, it will transform into an Angry Bunny that will assist the player. Be warned however, transporting bunnies between dimensions appears to be impossible (though this may be due to a bug), and they possess  a rather low health value of 30 (15 hearts). They will die quite quickly after engaging a few mobs, and so their main purpose really is to look cute.


When a bunny is tamed, a few small aesthetic changes take place, the most noticable being centered around its eyes, which enlarge, and seem to develope more depth. It appears that the sparkling bunny was added due to Captain Sparklez, a very popular youtuber who currently is recording a Divine RPG Let's Play that has given the mod much publicity. Therefore, the Sparkling Bunny's name, as well as the name Dravite Sparkles, are very unlikely to be a coincedence.