The Dravite Hills is the first Twilight Dimension players will go to. It also has the weakest mobs out of all the 5 Twilight Dimensions. Regardless, players should not underestimate this dimension, mobs are still quite powerful, and can knock the player off the edge of the world. You will need good armor, like Netherite Armor. Also, Angelic Armor is smart to have, as you can fly away from the mobs in this dimension.

How to Get ThereEdit

To make a portal to the Dravite Hills, Divine Rock is needed. Divine Rock is crafted by using one stone and one Divine Shard. Divine Shards are a drop from certain bosses, the Ancient EntityThe Watcher, and The Ayeraco Horde. The portal is made just like a Nether portal, but out of Divine Rock and is lit with a Twilight Clock.

WARNING: Sometimes the portal will spawn floating away from the land masses. It is highly recommended to bring plenty of blocks with you to create a bridge.


The blocks that generate in the Dravite Hills are:

You will need Dravite Fragments to advance to the next dimension, they are collected by mining Dravite Ore or crafting Dravite Souls. 90 Dravite Fragments are needed to get to the next dimension, the Azurite Forest, as 10 Dravite Blocks are needed. They can also be used in the creation of Armor, Weapons and Tools.


There are many mobs in the Dravite Hills.

Mob Default Behaviour
Bunny Neutral
Dravite Cadillion Neutral
Dravite Tomo Neutral
Cori Hostile
Madivel Hostile



The mobs vary in their difficulty to kill. The most challenging are the Nesro and Madivel, which are also hostile by nature. While Bunnies are very easy to kill the Angry Bunny that follows is more challenging.

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