Iceika is a dimension that has many ice themed weapons for trade and mobs. It is recommended to have better armor than Realmite Armor before you enter. This Dimension is a boundless forest with huge trees.

How to Get ThereEdit

Iceika can be entered by creating a portal out of snow blocks in the 4x5 pattern of a Nether Portal. The portal is lit with a Twilight Clock.

Iceika contains many naturally occuring structures, some with merchants inside. These merchants will trade you for some otherwise unobtainable items. There are also many dungeons found all around Iceika below the surface.

According to the mod creator, this is the easiest new dimension. 

Surviving IceikaEdit

This dimension is supposedly not as difficult as Dravite Hills, but by no means is it easy. Dravite Hills has only one main hostile mob, while Iceika has all hostile mobs (not including NPCs). It is recommended that you craft Diamond Armor or better, Netherite Armor being a good choice. There are some very annoying mobs in this dimension that will tear at your patience. One will slow you down, and Frost Archers shoot powerful arrows very rapidly. It is recommended to find a merchant, then see if one of your items can be traded in for something better. If you can get Snowflakes and you happen to have a Slime Sword or Sandslash (full lists of tradeable items are found on the Workshop Tinkerer and Workshop Merchant pages), you can use the Snowflakes to upgrade them. These new swords should help you out in early dimensions such as Dravite Hills. If Iceika happens to be your first choice, you should take any improvable swords to a merchant to upgrade them. It is strongly recommended to craft Bedrock Armor if you can. Note: To get Snowflakes, look for underground dungeons, which may contain them. However, even in dungeons, Snowflakes aren't that easy to obtain.


Dungeons can be easily found underground and are similar to Overworld dungeons. They are made of what can only be described as an ice version of Bedrock, except in that it can be broken with explosions. The easiest way to cause explosions is to try to sleep in a bed, this trick works in every twilight dimension. Inside the dungeons are a few hallways and rooms with spawners inside. The floor is made of a unique material similar to mossy cobblestone, called Frosted Stone. The spawner can spawn Frost Archers sometimes, so be careful. Once you break or neutralize the spawner, there are chests in the room. When you break them, you get a snowflake and the chest, which is unnamed.


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