The Infusion Table is used for making weapons and armor in Vethea.

How to useEdit

Use Templates and Lumps you get from NPCs to make weapons and armor.

Templates are bought from The Hunger mobs in the villages that spawn on the first layer and lumps are found by talking to Crypt Keepers and Mysterious Men.

To make weapons, take a template and the corresponding lumps (it takes several lumps) and put them in the corresponding slots. The table will then automatically craft the item. Different lumps create better tiers of weapons. Making armor is a bit different- you need the right template for the armor (Degraded , Finished , Glistening , Demonized andTormented ) and lumps. The type of lump determines the part of the armor. Teaker is used for boots, Amthirmis is used in the hood (magic), Draven is used in the helmet (melee), Cermile is used in the leggings, Karos is used in the chest and Pardimal is used for the mask (ranged). This means you must progress up to the fourth layer before you can obtain a complete armor set.

Infusion Table


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