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Welcome to the RPG Immersion Pack Wiki (Alpha)

Note that this wiki is new and needs much immprovement please contribute in any way possible!

Delve into multiple worlds and experience a true RPG feel. With dozens of hours of game play anybody can achieve what they desire to become. whether someone wants to become a mighty warrior, an explorer, a farmer or a builder, the RPG Immersion Pack offers it all. With 8 new and unique dimensions, over 115 mobs and bosses to be fought, hundreds of items and blocks, this pack is guaranteed to keep anybody entertained. The pack is updated regularly with new content to provide players with even more excitement.

This pack contains the following mods by default:

  • Forge
  • Code Chicken Core
  • Not Enough Items
  • DivineRPG
  • Damage Indicators
  • InvTweaks
    RPG immersion logo
  • Voxelmods       

This wiki is small and new so we would be gratefull if you contributed in any way, such as:

  • Creating a new page (We have very little)
  • Uploading or linking a photo
  • Uploading a Video
  • Writing a guide or tutorial

If you are expereinced in programming and see an error you now how to fix please feel free to comment on the page and help us along as we need all the help we can get

Using this Wiki

We have divided the wiki up into categories, blocks, Weapons, items and mobs. If you create a page it will need to be categorised corectly, then when a large list of articles develops users are able to see every block, weapon e.t.c in that category.

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